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FROM: alvin69
SUBJECT: iPhone Photo Recovery - How to restore deleted photos from iPhone 4/4S?
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Lost precious photos on your iPhone 4/4S?

As we know, iPhone 4/4S can capture pictures in a pretty good quality. With it, you can easily take pictures of your family, pets and other events in daily life. However, it is also very easy for new users to lose the precious pictures of a sudden. Sometimes, the advanced users also get in to the trouble. Have you ever suffered from these situations:

When you are going through pictures on iPhone 4/4S, you delete some of them by accident.

Your iPhone 4/4S was lost or broken and all the photos on it were gone.

Photos were lost after upgraded the iOS on your iPhone 4/4S.

If the lost photos on your iPhone 4/4S are transferred from computer, camera or other devices via iTunes, then you can sync these photos to it again. But what if the photos come from the camera roll on your iPhone 4/4S?

Want to restore deleted photos from iTunes backups?

In fact, every time you sync your Apple device with iTunes, it will automatically backup the files on your Apple device including photos, contacts, messages and more. Therefore, as long as you do not connect your iPhone 4/4S to iTunes after data loss, you still can get back the lost files from iTunes last backups.

iPhone 4/4S backup location:

When you accidentally delete photos captured by your iPhone 4/4S, you may want to find iTunes backup files to restore them. For Mac users, the iPhone 4/4S files are backed up at “~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup”. Some users claimed that they could not find the “MobileSync” folder. In this occasion, you need to press the “ALT/Option” button after click “Go” option from the menu bar in “Finder”. When the “Library” option appears, click it.

After you access to the backup files, you may find that these files cannot be viewed and used directly on Mac and iPhone 4/4S. So even you find the backup files, you cannot get the content out of it to restore the deleted photos. Don’t give up. An iPhone Backup Extractor will help you get out of the jams instantly.

What is iPhone Backup Extractor?

Data Recovery for iTunes is designed to extract the photos, contacts, notes, SMS, reminders and bookmarks from iPhone 4/4S backup files created by iTunes. With it, you can get back the lost photos captured by your iPhone 4/4S or downloaded from websites in original quality at ease.

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