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FROM: onewaysouth
SUBJECT: how to restore contacts on iphone ios 6?

<b>Recovering deleted video files SMS Contactg directly from iphone 5</b>

Tips: Apple has make a backup file for every iOS devices generated via iTunes. Once you’ve synced your iOS device with iTunes, this backup file will be autimatically generated, and continuously updated every time you sync. It’s really a good method to help you backup your previous data, but it’s a double-edged sword-you can’t access this backup file or transfer anything to your iphone again.

How to recover iPhone contacts I lost without backuping everything via iTunes?
Lost all your iphone contact after jailbreaking or update to iOS5/iOS6,or with White Apple Logo Screen of Death, inaccessible system error, broken device, or you simply forgot your screen lock password.You can Restore iphone delete/lost contact on Mac or Windows computer easily.

Connect iphone to Computer,one click to recover all iphone lost data on Mac or Windows computer directlywith a iphone recovery software;or you can recover from iTunes backup file( you have Synced iphone/ipod/ipad data to iTunes ).

<b>Recover iPhone Photos, Contacts,SMS Messages,video,app and other iphone data</b> with <a href="">Wondershare Data Recovery for iphone</a>,you can easy to recover iphone 5,iphone 4S,iphone 4,iphone 3GS,iphone lost data with <a href="">Wondershare Data Recovery for iphone</a> on Windows computer,Next there are two ways for you to recover iphone data,the 1st guide is connecting iphone to Mac or PC,and recover data from iOS Device;the 2nd way is Recover deleted/lost iPhone Photos, Contacts,SMS Messages,video and more from iTunes backup files for iphone.

1.Recover data from iOS DeviceScan iOS device directly to find data deleted recently,or data lost due to inaccessible iOS

2.Recover from iTunes Backup FileScan iTunes backup file if you deleted data for a long time,failed to recover from iOS device directly,or lost iOS device

No.1 All-in-on iphone&iTues data recovery:Recover iphone lost data computer directly,or recover from iTunes Backup File

Run on Winodws : <a href="">Free downoad iphone data recovery for Windows computer</a>

Run on Mac : <a href="">Wondershare Iphone Data Recovery Mac</a>

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Key Features:

> Recover deleted data without backup directly from iPhone 4.
> Regain previous data from iTunes backup for all iOS devices.
> Save data after your device is crashed, smashed, broken or lost.
> Retrieve data after Jailbreak, iOS upgrade, factory settings restore.

No.2 iTunes data recovery: Recover from iTunes backup file for iphone,ipod and ipad( you have Synced iphone/ipod/ipad data to iTunes ) with <a href="">iTuens data recovery</a>

<b>Recover deleted/lost iPhone Photos, Contacts,SMS Messages,video and more from iTunes backup files</b>,with Wondershare Data Recovery for iTunes,you also can Recover Data for iPad and iPod,including video,music,photo and other files.

Recover iTunes backup files for iphone/ipod and ipad use guide:

<a href="">Data Recovery for iTunes-Recover lost Data for iPhone iPad iPod</a>

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FROM: andylaw
SUBJECT: Re: how to restore contacts on iphone ios 6?
There are two ways to recover lost contacts of iPhone iOS6, one is recover them from the iTunes backup files, only if you have made backup of the data, another is recover them with the help of a third-party, iPhone Data Recovery is such a kind of powerful software, which can noy only help you recover your lost SMS, but also recover your lost music, photos, videos and so forth.
Read more:
How to Recover Your Deleted or Lost iPhone Contacts
How to Restore Lost Data from iPhone iPad iPod
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FROM: loveipadapp
SUBJECT: Re: how to restore contacts on iphone ios 6?
How to recover iPhone 4S Lost photos from iPhone 4S?you may need the professional software to recover iPhone 4S photos.

Wondershare Data Recovery for iPhone 4S is designed to recover iPhone photos in two ways. First, recover photos from iPhone directly, which is mainly used to recover deleted photos on iPhone. But now iPhone 4S is not supported. Second, recover iPhone 4S photos from iTunes backup file, which can be used when iPhone 4S is damaged or lost.

For Windows:
Data Recovery for iPhone 4S

For Mac: Wondershare

Use Dr.Fone as an iTunes backup extractor to recover deleted photos iPhone 4S. No iPhone connection is needed under this way.

Step 1 Launch Dr.Fone, switch to “Recover from iTunes Backup File”. Select your iPhone 4S backup and start scan.

Launch Data Recovery for iTunes, soon you’ll get a list of devices that were synced with your iTunes. Select iPhone 5 and then click “Start Scan”.

2. Recover photos

Check the photos you want in the scan result. Then start iPhone 5 picture recovery at one click.

For Windows user: Dr.Fone

Besides functioning as an iTunes backup extractor, Dr.Fone is also developed to recover deleted pictures from iPhone 5 directly in near future. Now the direct data recovery mode only supports iPhone 4/3GS, iPad 1 and iPod touch.

iPhone 4S photo recovery guide on Windows is similar as that of Data Recovery for iTunes.

Step 1 Run Dr.Fone and choose the mode – “Recover from iTunes Backup File”, select your iPhone 5 and click the “Start Scan” button to continue.

Step 2 After the scan, all iPhone 4S data backed up by iTunes will be found and displayed during the scan. Check photos in “Camera Roll” and mark the items you want.

Step 3 Preview andrecover photos from iPhone 5 by saving them to a desired destination.

Free download Dr. Fone for iPhone 4.
Free download
Dr. Fone for iPhone 5
Free download
Dr. Fone for iPhone 4S
Free Download
Dr. Fone for iPhone 3GS

For Mac:
Wondershare iPhone Data Recovery Mac


1. Don’t sync your iPhone 5 with iTunes any more when you find photos lost, otherwise the backup file will be updated and you can’t get the lost photos back.

2. During scanning,
Dr.Fone also searches for other kind of files, like contacts, messages, message attachments, call history, calendar, notes, reminders, voice memos and safari bookmark.

Note: Before you jailbreak iPhone 5,or update you iPhone 5 to more high iOS system,you must backup all iPhone data files to computer,so that all you important files never lost.For Windows users,you can use this
iPhone-to-computer-transfer;if you use Mac,you can use this software named iMacsoft iPhone to Mac Transfer.

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FROM: leeswallow
SUBJECT: Re: how to restore contacts on iphone ios 6?

There is a better tool.
<a href="">Wondershare Dr.Fone</a>

and a related guide:

<a href=">How to Recover iPhone Contacts</a>

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