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FROM: Billy Tenor
SUBJECT: How Can I Recover Photos I Deleted from Canon Digital Camera?
Have you had a lapse of eye-hand coordination to delete your photos on your computer’s hard drive or Canon camera’s memory card when you are indicated with “Delete All?” message? You may inadvertently delete your valuable photos. Don’t worry! You are able to recover deleted photos from Memory Card as long as you don’t take any more photos with your camera or don’t make any changes on your hard drive after you deleted them.

Actually, your photos’ data are still there, and the delete command only marks the space on your hard drive or memory card as being available for use instead of overwriting the actual space on it. Consequently, as long as you don’t do any change on your card or hard drive, it is quiet easy to recover deleted photos using Deleted Photo Recovery software. What’s more, you are able to recover photos from a reformatted partition, or memory card if you use a standard format command rather than a low-level format. (A low-level format not only deletes all the data on the card, but it also recreates the directories and folder structure of the disk/card, rendering previously deleted files unrecoverable.)

Deleted Photo Recovery is such an effective utility which can easily recover deleted pictures from hard drive, most types of digital camera storage including SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Sony Memory Sticks, IBM Micro Drives, Flash cards, floppy disks, and many other types of digital film. And Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac is available now!

Follow the easy steps below to learn how it works.
1. Prepare
You need to download and install Tenorshare Deleted Photo Recovery on a different partition where your formatted/ deleted photos stored.
If you want to recover lost photos on your SD card, plug your card reader with memory card inserted.
2. Scan
Choose recovery mode based on your dilemma you meet. Click “Deleted Recovery” when you need to recover deleted photos; click “Formatted Recovery” when you want to recover reformatted photos.
Choose the partition or external media.
(For recovering formatted photos, there is one more step for selecting file system).
Click “Scan”.
3. Recover
A list of recoverable files will appear. Tick the button in front of the file’s name to choose the ones you need to recover.
Click “Recover”.
4. Save
Specify a location for your recovered photos. You can’t choose the same partition where your lost files stored. Click “OK”.

After a trial, you may find this program is much useful to recover deleted photos from Canon camera . Grab it!

Are you in need of Photo Recovery for Mac? Try Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac.

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FROM: jammy2
SUBJECT: Re: How Can I Recover Photos I Deleted from Canon Digital Camera?

Just relax; you can easily recover deleted photos from your Cannon digital camera if you have not used the camera memory card from which the photos had been deleted. You can try digital picture recovery tool which can even recover deleted photos from SDHC card or any other memory card used in your digital camera. You can use the software simply by downloading it online and get back all your precious memory.
Best of luck,

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FROM: Percyjacks
SUBJECT: Re: How Can I Recover Photos I Deleted from Canon Digital Camera?
I'll tell you what...same thing happens with the SONY cybershots. I bought one of them recently and oh my god...a single click in low battery made me loose my pics. you just cant imagine the situation when you loose all your sweet memory coz of one single mistake. Well...thanks to my friend who recommended me with SONY PHOTO RECOVERY solutions and told me to simply install and use the demo...

What can i tell you...i got my pics...they say to recover deleted, formatted and even corrupted images of your sony camera...its amazing...atleast i can tell you now.

I have my images back in my hard drive..!!!
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FROM: pinkblue2334
SUBJECT: Re: How Can I Recover Photos I Deleted from Canon Digital Camera?
Today's digital camera usually store your pictures separately on a flash memory card and you need to have a card data recovery program to help you recover deleted photo from digital camera.Maybe it's a good idea to try card data recovery for windows to help you recover all lost or deleted photos. It can recover photos after deeply scanning your memory card or computer to look for lost files you accidentally deleted or formatted.
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