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A Quick Guide to the DMN Forums

DMN Forums is the premiere online home of specialized Worldwide Users Groups communities, bringing content creators together for technical advice and moral support from both peers and luminaries in the field. There are over 200 forums catering to a wide range of interests and needs. From animation to video production - some forums focus on single products while others tackle industry wide questions and problems. DMN Forums are driven by the needs and interests of the membership and new forums are created to fulfill demand. Anybody can browse and search the forums for answers but you need to be a registered member to respond to posts or to start new threads. To register all you need is a valid email address. Registration is free, safe, easy and does not require any subscriptions - Register Today!

Things You Should Know

Register - when registering you will be asked for a user name and display name. For security reasons these CAN NOT be changed. Your username is used for login in and will only be known to you. Your display name will appear on the forum with your posts.

Simple Rules - Digital Media Net maintains these forums to foster the exchange of ideas and for community support. So please refrain from unrestrained profanity, verbal abuse of other members or participants, as well as other posts of questionable value -- such as blatant ad spams, get rich quick schemes, software piracy etc. -- will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned from this site.

Cookies - DMN Forums uses cookies to keep track of user login and preferences, to enhance forum performance and to avoid the need for multiple logins. We do not access, track or store this information for any other reason whatsoever. For a full privacy statement click here.

Quick Start

The DMN Forums interface is very intuitive so here is the quick and dirty on getting around. This is probably all most of you will need. For more detailed go to the Getting Around section that follows. Click here to watch a short video on how to use the DMN Forums.

Choose a Forum - click on the Forum List link in the left hand menu. Click on the forum name of your choice. You will arrive at the Post Index Page for that forum

Make a Post - on the Post Index Page click on the Make New Post button

Respond to a Post - click on a post you wish to respond to.

That's how simple it is.

Forgot your Password or User Name?- click here.

Getting Around

Click here to watch a short video on how to use the DMN Forums.

Main Menu - on the left side of every forum page is the main menu. From here you can access the list of forums, login, or, if you are already logged in, get to the user preferences and personal archives. You can quickly search the forums (Click here for more info on using search) from here as well as access DMN content pages and resources. Using the main menu search while visiting a specific forum will give results for just that forum, otherwise search results are for all the forums.

Logging in - you can login from the main menu or when making or responding to a post. If you have your "cookies" turned on, in most cases, you should only have to login once. The system will remember you between sessions.

Choose a Forum - all you need to do is click on the "Forum List" link in the main menu. You can view this list arranged by professional cluster or alphabetically. Click on the forum you want and you will be presented with the Post Index Page for that forum.

Post Index Page - this is the list of posts in the forum. This page can be viewed in different ways.

  • by Thread - this shows the discussion threads and related posts. Only the starting posts are sorted by date. They can be viewed open - showing the starting post and all the related posts or closed - showing just the starting post and the number of posts in that thread. When you click on a post it will display in single post view.
  • by Date - this shows the individual posts sorted by date in the posts only view. In bubble-up view the starting thread post is displayed with the number of posts in that thread and the latest post in that thread. When you click on a post in posts only view it will display in single post view. If you click on the starting thread post in bubble-up view the whole thread is displayed in whole thread view. Clicking on the single thread will display that tread in single post view.
  • My Posts - this option is available only when you are logged in and will display a list of your post on a forum sorted by date.

Make New Post - by pressing this button on the Post Index page you will be able to start a new thread on the current forum. If you are already logged in your display name and email address will be shown above the input area. Your email address will not be displayed on the final post. If you are not logged in you can do it here by filling in the input areas provided - you will be logged in when you submit your post. You can choose to be notified by email when someone responds to your post. Depending on the browser and platform you are using you will have a range of editing and presentation options for your post, including the placement of images. Placed images will not be stored on the DMN server and please remember that excessively large images can cause bandwidth and display problems for many forum users. If you have setup a signature file in the User Prefs area it will we displayed at the bottom of your post after you submit it. You can preview your post before submitting it. You can also choose to post your message to up to 5 forums simultaneously. Please do not abuse this feature.

Single Post View - this is the page you will see when you want to read or respond to a post. The top of this page shows the display name of the post's creator, the subject and the full text of the post. If the post is part of a thread you will see a list of current thread posts as well as being able to view them all on a single page by clicking on View Whole Thread. Links to the next and previous thread on the forum are also provided. You can Recommend, Archive and Email the post you are reading. Your message creation options are the same as with Make New Post.

View Whole Thread - this view mode is accessible from the Single Post View page as well as from the View by Date (Bubble-up) mode of the Post Index page. Here you can view all the posts of a thread on a single page. To respond to a post just click on the "Respond" button.

User Preferences - when you are logged in you can access this page from the main menu. Here you can change your email address and password, setup and change your signature file, choose a DMN Forum "skin" and setup email notification options.

Personal Archives - when you are logged in you can access this page from the main menu. Here you can view archived posts and delete the ones you don't want on the list. To add a post to your list just click on the "ADD TO ARCHIVE" button in the main post viewing page. Click here for more info.

Email Notification - allows you to select specific forums you are interested in. Then when someone makes a post on that forum you will be notified by email with a link back to the post.

Keyword Notification - allows you to select specific words you are interested in.

Then no matter in what forum it is that someone makes a post using those words, you will be notified by email with a link back to the post. It is a great way to stay on top of your specific areas of interest! Click here for more info.

If you have any further questions or comments please contact the webmaster.

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